Three Thrift Blogs Staying True to Trends

When most people think of thrift shopping, an image of dingy t-shirts and tattered jeans may come to mind. As the majority of thrifters know, however, secondhand clothing is almost always  in good condition and even in style!

Thrift stores may not obey the rules of fashion as strictly as H&M or Forever21, but they’re not completely out of the loop. In Iowa City, where college students are looking to be trendy and cheap, places like Plato’s Closet and Stuff Etc. provide fashionable items at a good price.

I’ve put together a small list of thrift bloggers that aren’t only looking to find outfits for less, but to stay on top of current trends, too! Take a look at the following blogs, which each have something unique to offer.

Also, stay tuned for an Iowa City Thrift video series on spring fashion trends! We went on a shopping spree to area stores to find in-style items at a competitive price.

header1Looking Fly on a Dime

Patrice is a thrifting expert in New York City. She’s even been on the Today Show and Nick Berkus Show! She is all about fashion but also posts about beauty/lifestyle tips as well.

1429744352524Tales from the Thrift

Christina is also based in NYC but actually grew up in the Midwest (what what)! She is really focused on finding things for cheap, especially in an expensive place like Manhattan.

new-tyho-logo-e1427045495442Thrift Your Heart Out

So the slogan of TYHO is “bringing fashion to the front row” – clearly, fashion is important to this blogger. She does a lot of lookbooks and haul videos. A very bright and fun personality to watch!