DIY: Romper to Dress

You read that title correctly. Romper to dress. Not dress to romper.

Most DIYs you find online are of the latter – like this blog post by Mini Penny – and provide a walk-through for turning an old dress into a fun romper (aka jumpsuit, playsuit, tank suit, etc.).


Gitano romper – size M

I recently came across a Gitano romper at Crowded Closet that I absolutely could not pass up. Since it was a size big for me, and the legs were just a bit too flowy for my taste, I decided to turn the thing into a dress.

Finding an online guide to do this was nearly impossible, but I did manage to find a link to a video by The Pineneedle Collective that helped me out. From there, I enlisted the help of my stepmother, who is a seasoned sewer.

The romper-dress process was fairly easy. One thing I did differently than TPC was omit the seam ripping step. Since you are already going to cut the extra fabric, I simply cut out the crotch seam. This saved a TON of time.

To mimic my Romper to Dress DIY, take the following steps.

1. Turn the romper inside out. The first step in nearly every sewing project.

2. Cut out (or seam rip if you prefer) the crotch seam. You’ll be left with what looks like a dress with slits in the front and back, versus the typical sides.

IMG_14803. Pin the extra fabric on both sides, making a new seam line. You want to pin straight down, lining up with the start of the original crotch seam, matching the hems at the bottom. Turn right-side out for this, then turn back inside out before sewing.

IMG_14944. Sew the new seam! Be sure to go extra slow, and pick a thread color, thread size, and seam that match the rest of your dress.

IMG_15045. Cut off the extra fabric. Leave as little as possible above the seam. You may need to cut near the hem, too – to hide the backing.

IMG_15026. Iron and wear! Six easy steps, and you have yourself a new dress.


What are some unconventional DIYs you’ve done?


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