Why Plato’s won’t buy your stuff

If you’re like me, you’ve been disappointed by your consigning ability at stores like Plato’s Closet. I don’t know how many times I’ve cleaned out my closet, filled a huge bag, and only been able to sell one or two items.

“We’re only able to take the American Eagle jeans.”

“Your items just weren’t what we’re looking for.”

“Unfortunately, these shirts are out of style.”


So how are you supposed to know what exactly the store is looking for?

Plato’s does offer examples of what kinds of items and what brands they buy, but it still might not be enough to follow those guidelines when cleaning out your closet.

Recently, Iowa City Thrift sat down with Coralville Plato’s Closet Assistant Manager, Renee Lehr, to discover where sellers usually go wrong and what Plato’s is looking to buy  – especially this spring.

Tips from Renee for selling at Plato’s:

  • ASK (call, email, stop in) the store what they’re looking for
  • LOOK online at Plato’s website to view current trends
  • CHECK that your items have been purchased within the past year
  • BRING everything freshly laundered and in a bag or container
  • SELL according to season when Plato’s is looking for specific items (although they accept all items year-round!)

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