#ICYMI – January/February Steals & Deals

I couldn’t find a better time to share my recent thrifting finds with you all than during another (and hopefully last) Iowa City snowstorm.

There were three big sales at the beginning of 2015, mainly to make way for spring (yes, it exists!) items, and I attended all three!


my January-February thrifting haul

Revival often gets misunderstood as a traditional women’s clothing store. I didn’t realize it sold used and vintage clothing until my sophomore year at the University of Iowa, when I nagged some sweet boot-heels for just $18 to wear at my cousin’s October wedding.

I work in the Old Capitol Mall, which gives me a great excuse to swing by Revival in the Ped Mall almost weekly. No way would I miss a 1/2 off sale!

One thing I absolutely love about thrifting is learning brand names. If you pay for an item and don’t even bother to look up the name on the tag, you’re doing it wrong.

At Revival’s winter 50% off sale, I picked up jeggings from American Eagle, a top from Forever 21, a top from J. Crew, a top from LOFT, and a  skater dress from Nordstrom – all for ~$30. If I paid retail for all of that, I would have paid at least $90. I would call that a steal.

[Disclaimer: I am NOT model material.]

FullSizeRender (2)

Nordstrom Soprano skater dress

FullSizeRender (4)

Forever 21 T-sweater
(w/ AE jeggings)

FullSizeRender (7)

LOFT button-up
(w/ AE jeggings)

J. Crew 3/4 sleeve
(w/ AE jeggings)


I really am a huge Plato’s Closet fan. I was used to having a Plato’s in Des Moines, so I was pumped when Coralville added the store in 2014 and I could shop while at college.

I actually didn’t benefit from the grab bag sale a whole lot, but I did pick up some non-sale items, including a Dockers denim vest, Mossimo button-up, and an ANGIE (by Swell) dress – also for about $30. I’m sure the vest alone would have been that retail, so I’d call that a deal.

FullSizeRender (5)

ANGIE dress & Dockers vest

FullSizeRender (9)

Mossimo button-up

Ashley Hill vest

FullSizeRender (8)

Forever 21 jacket








Finally, I made it to Crowded Closet’s Whole Store 1/2 Off Sale, and took my roommate with me. (I think she left with far more than I did!) I’m always surprised by what I come across there, and I was happy to go home with a warm vest, although I couldn’t find the brand online for the life of me, and nicer zip-up jacket – for $4. Steal.


SWEET Gitano romper

I’m probably the most excited about a super-80s Gitano romper I bought back in January that I plan on turning into a dress. I know, I know. Most DIYs go dress to romper, but I love this pattern, and the romper is just a bit big for me. So stay tuned for that adventure!


What have you thrifted lately?



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